Portfolio of Dennis Verhaar

Mechanical Design Engineer, based in The Hague, The Netherlands

Mechanical Design Engineer
Product Designer
2D / 3D CAD modeler
Dennis Verhaar Portrait

Freelance Engineering

Do you need additional engineering capacity in your engineering department? I can assist your current mechanical design team, or start a new project.

Product Design

Do you have a great product idea, but have difficulties to finalize the product? I can help getting your product ready for (mass) production, or creating a working prototype!

Research & Development

I can provide an additional set of eyes on your R&D project or explore a new R&D direction without taking time from your R&D department.

Concept Design / Drawing

Specializing in visualizing ideas, facilitating brainstorming sessions, creating 3D sketches and concept drawings; these crucial steps in the product design process are areas where I can bring valuable contributions to your company.

2D / 3D modeling

With years of hands-on experience, I have adeptly worked with multiple 3D CAD programs such as Solidworks, Inventor, OnShape, and FreeCAD. My expertise extends to crafting diverse parts including sheet metal, injection molding, and turning/milling. Additionally, I have developed scripts to automate repetitive tasks.

Design evaluation

Do you need an independent engineer to evaluate your product or mechanical design? I can assess design aspects and provide a comprehensive report with findings and potential improvements!

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