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Skarp, a showcase for flexible foil lighting

Skarp DQM China

Skarp - DQM China

The Skarp was the conclusion of two internships at DQM China (based in Guangzhou, China). In my first internship at this company, I designed and developed Flexible Foil Lighting.

This product makes it possible to create flat flexible LED panels at low costs. We presented this concept at Hongkong Lighting Fair (2012).

In the second internship, I worked to demonstrate the possibilities of this product. I designed this lamp, showing the flexibility and shape possibilities of the material. To emphasize the design, I made sure no wires were visible, all electronics were included inside the flat design.

The project concluded in 4 working prototypes, and a final presentation in The Hague, where I received an 8,5/10 for this graduation project.